How to set permalink on WordPress

WordPress can automatically creates a new link called a “permalink” that directs to your new content for every time that you add new page or new post. Since search engines use the URLs of your links as a factor to

The most common errors in WordPress and troubleshooting

WordPress like any programmed application may have many bugs or errors due to the usage of the customers. So due to the large community of WordPress and the long period of the WordPress in the market, its errors became more

How to reduce bounce rate and increase pageview?

You may find that making people know about your website is a hard task but you have to believe that making them stay and browse your posts is harder task. This article will give you useful tips about bounce rate

How to customize WordPress admin area

Admin area is the first page that the website admin can browse. WordPress admin area can be the most informatable page for the admin in the website. This page should be comfortable and accessible to give you the most important

how to use password on WordPress protected posts?

You may need to write some posts and hide them from all the team or protect them to be invisible on posts or on archive. You can use this trick on visitors too. When you add protected password on the

How to rename the uncategorized category in WordPress?

You may start in WordPress website with uncategorized category. This is the default category on WordPress. If you are a beginner, you may ask the frequent question about this category and how to change its name. In this article, we

how to make more money from google adsense and WordPress?

You can use google adsense inside your WordPress website to get more money and generate revenue from your website. This article will help you to increase your revenue from WordPress website using google adsense. What is google adsense? Google is

How to improve WordPress admin dashboard

Your admin  board is the most important part in your WordPress website. You can use it to explore the data of your website, control plugins, and control the website itself. But if it was messy and you can’t understand its

WordPress.com and WordPress.org
WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: A Simple Definition

WordPress has two versions WordPress.org and WordPress.com and the two versions achieve the same purposes of making website easily. The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is probably one of the most common sources of confusion for the beginners. This difference