How to Add Body Classes in WordPress

How to Add Body Classes in WordPress 1

Sometimes you looking for add CSS Classes to body tag in WordPress theme for make some changes in style or control page for some reason so WordPress team provide body_class filter to can ease add CSS Classes here how to add CSS to body:
All you need to open your theme functions.php file and add this code:

function zytheme_add_body_classes( $classes ) {

	// add class if single post
	if ( is_single() ) {
		$classes[] = 'is-single';

	// Adds a class if custom post type like portfolio
	if ( is_singular(portfolio ') ) {
		$classes[] = 'portfolio-class';
	// add class if home page
	if (  is_home() ) {
		$classes[] = 'my-home';

	// add class if user is admin
	if ( current_user_can('administrator) ) {
		$classes[] = 'is-admin';

	return $classes;

add_filter( 'body_class', 'zytheme_add_body_classes' );

Please to work this code must body tag has body_class() function on it like that:

<body <?php body_class() ?>>