The best WordPress backup plugin
The best WordPress backup plugin

You have to deal with your website as something precious which if something bad happened to it you have to be ready for that. You need to make a repeated or scheduled backup for your whole website to avoid any

The best email marketing plugin to spread your website

You should know that marketing has many fields and many ways to execute. One of the  marketing ways is email marketing. Your website will be updated a lot and you need to inform your visitors or clients about that so

The best WordPress affiliate plugin

If you need to make more money from your blogger, you can use WordPress affiliate plugin to manage affiliate offers and get the money. There are few affiliate plugins which can be usable and make you get the best valus.

The WordPress live chat plugin

Part of being providing a good service is replying on the question of the customers as soon as possible and being besides them. Some of websites achieve part of this task as a live chat which enables customers to submit

How to get the suitable WordPress plugin

WordPress is the dream for all non technical people to make a website in the easiest way in all fields about using websites. Also, WordPress has a store with more than 50000 plugin you can use for all functions. But

How to improve WordPress admin dashboard

Your admin  board is the most important part in your WordPress website. You can use it to explore the data of your website, control plugins, and control the website itself. But if it was messy and you can’t understand its

WooCommerce vs Magento
WooCommerce VS Magento ecommerce platforms

There are many platforms and plugins to build E-commerce website or your store easily without the need to be professional programming. We wrote about ecommerce plugins before and now we are trying to write about bigger scope on the difference

The best WordPress translation plugin
The best WordPress translation plugin

You may need to make your website has many language articles to localize your website on different regions and has a bigger market share. To do that, you need translation plugin to achieve this purpose. But you have to be

WordPress gallery plugin
The best WordPress gallery plugin for media

Images are an important component in any website. Especially, If your website depends on images in large scale. The images will be so messy when you depend on images without a way to arrange them. Gallery plugin is a tool