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How to set permalink on WordPress

WordPress can automatically creates a new link called a “permalink” that directs to your new content for every time that you add new page or new post. Since search engines use the URLs of your links as a factor to to determine your position in their rankings, you have to make sure that they’re optimized to reflect your keywords is pretty important. You need to take all tips about SEO seriously to be sure about your rank on search engine. In this article, we’ll learn you how to customize your permalink structure.

How to customize permalink on WordPress

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.

2. From the sidebar select “setting”.

3. Choose from the poped up list “Permalinks”.

4. Select the option you want. WordPress supports many Radio checks to choose from. WordPress provides some of the most standard options.

5. Optionally, If you didn’t find the form you want for permalink, you can customize the link as you want according to WordPress codex so you can find more detailed information about permalink alternatives listed under “Structure Tags”.

6. Copy and paste the custom tags you want into the field for “Custom Structure”, making sure to end it with either the post id tag or post name tag. For example, if you wanted permalinks to appear with the post category before the post name (ie., you should paste /%category%/%postname% into the empty field by “Custom Structure”.

7.  Once you finished the permalink structure that suitable for you, you should click “save changes” at the end of the page.

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