The best WordPress booking plugin

The best WordPress booking plugin

If you want to make a website which is specialized in booking something like events, hotels, flight tickets, you need to get a booking plugin which will help you to achieve the functionality without a lot of coding. The booking plugin will handle the numbers, booking, and payment. Pinpoint Booking plugin Pinpoint Booking plugin is not limited to hotel room

WordPress security plugin

The best security plugin to use on WordPress website

WordPress is considered as one of the most popular web platform on internet. So it can be very attractive prey for hacking and security issues. Fortunately,  WordPress developer team is working on improving security issues and make it inactive but still you need to use on of powerful security plugin to make sure that your website is powerfully secure. You


The best platforms for ECommerce websites

Ecommerce became one of the most profitable field in this era. Everyone can has something that can be sold online. So you need to make a website which can handle adding and removing goods and make their descriptions and images. This website has o handle payment and shipping and dealing with buyers. Before a lot of thinking and fear from

The best plugins for contact form on WordPress 1

The best plugins for contact form on WordPress

Your page for contact us on your website is one of the important things that you have to be attention for it. It’s one of the contact channels between the company and the customer or visitors. So you can be in touch with your visitors. If you’re using an email call to action instead of a contact form, then users and vs A Simple Definition

WordPress has two versions and and the two versions achieve the same purposes of making website easily. The difference between and is probably one of the most common sources of confusion for the beginners. This difference depends on many points that we will explain. What’s the Difference between and Hosted vs Self-hosted WordPress

Web Developer Monitoring Tools

Web Developer Monitoring Tools

If you are Web Developer you have to know about this Monitoring Tools   The world of web programming is a world full of tasks and things you need to use the full power of your mind with, so you may slighting some important tasks, such as monitoring and analysis of your server data or app, that work on them

Ultimate Guide To Make a WordPress Website

Ultimate Guide To Make a WordPress Website

The blogging field has a big increase in the last few years. Each one of us has experience with some situations in life in all fields and he needs to record them on the internet to make it useful for other people and make it as marketing for himself. Owning a website for your business became one of the essential