How to add Javascript code to WordPress page 1

How to add Javascript code to WordPress page

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Add Javascript code to WordPress page is important to add more dynamics to pages as Javascript is one of the powerful programming languages which is used to create interactive components for web applications. Javascript codes are usually included in the HTML and run directly on the webpages. If you want to add some interactive features to your WordPress website, you need to write the script of these features in javascript or depending on the jQuery library and then add it inside your WordPress. So in this article, you will learn you how to add Javascript code to the WordPress page in the right way.

How to add Javascript code to WordPress page 2

Why adding javascript code in WordPress?

You can use javascript codes to add extra interactive features to your WordPress website like colorful, interactive buttons, adding moving bars for download or upload, adding some moving shapes during the download of the website, and a lot of features like that. These interactive features improve the user experience of your website and make it more comfortable for the visitors.

You can use it also to create a method of integration to a third party service.

There are many plugins that achieve this mission to you and there are other methods easier to customize your website.

The problem in javascript and WordPress is that if you tried to add javascript codes to WordPress, it won’t be saved whatever you did. So we will explain later.

Add Javascript code to WordPress page manually

If you want to add a javascript code to all the landing pages, pages, and posts on the WordPress website, you need to add it in the header or the footer of the theme as a hard code.

You can copy and paste the javascript codes in the file of function.php using WordPress Action function But be aware that these codes will be changed and removed if you changed or updated your theme.

You can search for the codes for the functions that you need to add on the internet and a lot of developers will help you for free.

Other than the previous method is not recommended so you need a plugin to add javascript codes.

Add Javascript code to WordPress page using WordPress plugins

Head and Footer Scripts Inserter Plugin


It’s easy to use the plugin. It gives you the ability to add codes (HTML, CSS, JS, and others) to your theme on WordPress and it will be accepted it was right of course.

Using this plugin, you can add javascript codes directly to your WordPress without the need to have an external editor.

The plugin works independently of the theme, so you can use it with any theme. It makes all the changes free from any update or change in the theme.

The code editor is supported by CodeMirror. This code editor has options such as syntax highlighting, line numbering, and more. This plugin has more useful features.

Embed Code plugin


It’s one of the professional plugins that gives you the ability to add codes to your theme on WordPress. It’s easy to use. You can use it to add codes globally for all posts and pages on the website and locally on each individual post or page. You can add codes related to many things in addition to adding interactive features like:

  • Google Analytics tracking code.
  • Site verification snippets.
  • Typekit font scripts.
  • Facebook tracking pixel.
  • Live chat integration.

Easy Post Embed Code plugin

It allows you to embed codes in many programming languages inside WordPress easily without any problems or conflicts.

You can also choose to display the post embed code on the frontend, allowing other people to share your content more easily, with the built-in shortcode or content block.

Using the previous plugins, you can use the functionalities of the codes as you want and customize your theme to make it more usable and attractive to your customers.


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